Sgraffito North Midlands/Staffordshire-Type Slipware Body/Rim Sherd

(1670 - 1820)

Eight body, rim and handle sherds from a sgraffito slip decorated dark yellow/buff-bodied slipware mug, tankard or handled cup. The slip decoration is typical of North Midlands/Staffordshire slipware with large areas of white slip and smaller areas of darker slip covering the exterior surface, but the body is not agate, which is common with this decoration type. The vessel was turned on a lathe and also has an additional hand-carved motif or sgraffito design. The handle sherds are not decorated with white slip and simply have a red/brown slip or glaze. The handle measures to 0.60 inches in width. The vessel consists of four sherds that mend in two sections, and four additional sherds that do not mend but are most likely from the same vessel.

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