Underglaze Painted and Gilded Chinese Porcelain Dish

(Late Eighteenth Century)

Approximately half of a Chinese-export porcelain saucer dish from the late Eighteenth century. Beneath the rim, the dish has an underglaze painted blue shaded trellis diaper border with spearheads below. Beneath this decoration, the secondary decoration encircling the central motif is also an underglaze painted shaded trellis diaper with a row of spearheads below, but a slightly narrower variation than the rim decoration. There are traces of overglaze gilding outlining the spearhead decoration and along the edge of the rim, although most of this has worn away. Although most of the central motif is missing, it was most likely a gilded central shield with initials and mantling. Some remnants of the gilding from the central motif are still present, although much of the decoration is no longer visible. The dish has a tall, unglazed, rounded-wedge footring. Many of the sherds have organic staining from the privy. The dish measures to 2 inches in height and the rim is 9.25 inches in diameter. Consists of six mended sherds. Residual sherds that are most likely from the same vessel but do not mend and were found in a neighboring context have been cataloged separately. This vessel has been cross-mended between contexts.

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