Underglaze Painted Chinese Porcelain Plate

(1690 - 1800)

A Chinese-export porcelain plate base/body/rim sherd with blue underglaze painted decoration. The indeterminate central motif is encircled by two wavy lines and two double concentric circles with a blue trellis decoration between. Between the blue trellis in the cavetto, there is a cartouche with two adjacent diamonds and an abstract vine decoration surrounding them. The marley is decorated with flowers and beneath the rim there are repeating swirled lines. The edge of the rim has a brown wash. The base has a yellowed, unglazed footring. The plate is 9 inches in diameter. The exterior of the plate, beneath the rim, has swirled blue underglaze painted floral decoration. The vessel consists of twelve sherds and is mended in two sections.

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