Overglaze Enamel Painted Chinese Porcelain Teacup

(Mid-Eighteenth Century)

Approximately half of a Chinese-export porcelain common-shape handle-less teacup with intricately pale red painted overglaze enamel decoration. The motif is a petaled design, possibly chrysanthemum, with petals extending outwards around the exterior body of the teacup towards the rim. There are additional floral designs scattered throughout the teacup that may have been outlined and highlighted in gilt at one point, although if so, the decoration has worn away. The rim is a brown dressed rim and measures to 4.5 inches in diameter. There is an enameled double line with interspersed hanging leaf designs around the interior of the rim, although most of this decoration has worn away and only a faint impression of this can be seen when viewed at the right angle. The footring is tall and unglazed. The enameling is worn away on a few of the sherds. The teacup is mended in seven sections and consists of eighteen sherds, including residual sherds that mend but are not mended. There is a matching teacup in the same context, as well as a matching saucer, and residual teacup sherds that do not mend to vessel. This vessel is cataloged between contexts.

  • Object number

    430.74, 430.81, 430.22, 430.65, 430.130, 430.147, 430.165, 430.38, 430.10, 430.159, 430.33, 293.35, 293.92, 293.95, 430.82, 430.126, 430.116

  • Date made

    Mid-Eighteenth Century

  • Dimensions

    Foot Diameter 2 inches

    Rim Diameter 4.5 inches

    Height 2.75 inches

  • Decoration

    Overglaze Enamel Painted

  • Color


  • Animals/objects


  • Patterns

    Other (see comments)

  • Category


  • Class


  • Functions


  • Material


  • Context

    Lot 28, Privy Deposit: Level 4 (624.430)

  • Forms


  • Ware types


    Porcelain, Hard Paste

  • Techniques

    Press Molded

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