Enameled and Gilded Chinese Porcelain Sauce Boat Stand

(ca. 1790)

A large portion of a painted overglaze with enamels and gilded Chinese-export porcelain leaf-shaped sauce boat stand from the late Eighteenth-century. There is brown enameled decoration around the interior rim, with geometrical decoration and a gold gilded line beneath. The gilding and overglaze enameling has worn away in some areas. The face of the sauce boat stand has a brown overglaze husk chain motif. The vessel has a flat, mostly unglazed base. The vessel may have originally been decorated with an initial or gilt flower spray in the center. Some portions of the body are heavily stained from the deposition and may possibly be burned. Consists of two mended sherds.

7 Hanover Square

Manhattan, 7 Hanover Square

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