Underglaze Painted Chinese Porcelain Plate Base/Body/Rim Sherd

(ca. 1745 - 1800)

Four mended base/body/rim sherds from a Chinese-export porcelain plate with a blue underglaze painted decoration. Although absent, the central motif is most likely a floral design. The central motif is encircled by a variant of rain and cloud border. The rim is decorated with blue painted underglaze repeating short angled lines with a straight line beneath. The rim has floral elements and alternates between a shaded triangle with a daisy in the center and a scroll-type variant with flowers and leaves emerging beneath. The plate has a gray/green colored glaze. The base has a yellowed, unglazed footring with moderate use-wear. The rim measures to 9 inches in diameter. Consists of four mended sherds. There is a matching plate in a neighboring context, which may indicate that this was part of a set.

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