Underglaze Painted Chinese Porcelain Plate

(1690 - 1800)

Eight base, body and rim sherds from a Chinese Export porcelain plate with blue underglaze painted decoration and a brown dressed rim. The central motif features a Pavilion landscape with mountains, various types of trees, and a teahouse. The central motif is encircled with a blue trellis diaper pattern. The rim also has a single line of blue trellis diaper, following the octagonal shape of the plate. The rim is subtly trimmed into an octagonal shape, and the footring is both unglazed and undercut. Consists of three mended sherds and three sherds that mend but are not mended/glued. A duplicate vessel in the neighboring context indicates that this was part of a possible set. The sherds are mended in two large sections that do not mend. More than one vessel is possibly represented.

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