Molded Clouded Ware Body Sherd

(1749 - 1780)

One unusual body sherd, likely a clouded ware (clouded refined earthenware) body sherd from an unknown hollowware vessel. The exterior has molded lines with raised dots in an unknown pattern. The exterior decoration appears to be done with a clouded glaze consisting of brown and green colors, however, the sherd is heavily burned and encrusted with debris. The burned exterior makes identification doubtful. The sherd could also likely be a Green Glazed earthware with a molded exterior decoration or just a heavily burned creamware body sherd. The interior of the sherd is yellowish in color, similar to creamware, and does not have the same burnt and encrusted damage. The sherd is possibly from a pitcher, teapot, or similar vessel type that would likely have molded exterior decoration. Consists of three mended sherds. 

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