Overglaze Enamel Painted "European Neo-Classical Style" Chinese Porcelain Saucer

(1765 - 1810)

Chinese-export porcelain saucer base/body/rim sherd with overglaze painted/enameled decoration around the interior of the unevenly scalloped rim. The decoration is done in the European Neo-Classical style with the famille rose color palette. The interior of the saucer is enameled with two wavy lines/bands that follow the edge of the rim, with a line of dots between. The face of the saucer has another wavy line with dots, and the interior bod has an indeterminate enameled decoration, which is most likely a floral pattern. The body of the saucer is fluted and mimics the scalloped surface of the rim. The footring is slightly rounded and unglazed with moderate usewear. Some of the enamel has worn away.

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