Shell Edge Pearlware Monteith

(1775 - 1810)

One large pearlware monteith with a lobed body and a deeply scalloped and ornate shell edged rim. The rim has molded wavy lines and is painted in underglaze blue on the exterior. The vessel is oval in shape, and although the profile is incomplete, it measures to at least 7 inches in width by 9 inches in length. It is at least 5 inches in height and possibly had a pedestal foot, although the base is missing. The vessel has two short everted handles attached at one end and decorated with a shell edge pattern with molded wavy lines and blue underglaze painted blue decoration on the unattached end. The handles measure to 3 inches in width. The vessel is heavily stained from the privy and some sherds appear burnt. 

Monteiths were used for chilling wine and champagne glasses. The stems of the glasses would rest on the edges of the rim between each of the scallops while the body of the wine glass rested in ice within the bowl.

This vessel mended in three large sections. It consists of twenty-one mended/glued sherds and one large sherd that does not mend but is from the same vessel.

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