Lot 28, Gray Silt (River Bottom Silt) (624.376)

(Late 17th Century)

This deposit is a sub-landfill deposit located beneath the 17th-century landfill in Lot 28. These deposits were most likely the result of river bottom silting. The landfill deposits extended to a depth of approximately 90 inches below the test cut datum and were underlain by this gray river bottom silt. The silt was excavated to a depth of approximately 99 inches in Test Cut J and was underlain by red sandy subsoil.

This context (Catalog #376: Lot 28, Test Cut J, Stratum 13, Level b) consists of artifacts found beneath the 17th-century landfill in the gray river bottom silt deposit. A more detailed description of the sub-landfill deposits in Lot 28 can be found on pages 332-333 of the 7 Hanover Square Site Report.

  • Collection method

    This context was excavated using shovels. All of the soil was screened; parts of the soil were dry screened and others were wet screened using 1/4 inch mesh. Approximately 140 quarts were wet screened from Cat. #376.

  • Soil

    Gray silt

  • Soil description

    Thin gray silt

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