Printed Gothic-Style Whiteware Teapot

(1843 - 1857)

One nearly complete light blue transfer printed and molded gothic style whiteware teapot consisting of 49 mended body, handle, spout, and rim sherds. Cross-mends with contexts 9531.51 (1 sherd) and 9531.53 (1 sherd) as well. The transfer printed pattern is "Florentine" likely made by Thomas, John, and Joseph Mayer pottery in Burslem, Staffordshire, England, between 1842 and 1855. The pattern was made by successors to the Mayer pottery until 1869, but because Seneca Villagers were evicted from their houses by 1857, archaeologists have attributed the manufacture of the teapot to the Thomas, John, and Joseph Mayer Pottery. The pattern was very popular and fourteen different Staffordshire potteries (England) made ceramics with a pattern called "Florentine".   

Seneca Village


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