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Seneca Village Project (2018)

The Seneca Village Project, directed by Cynthia Copeland, Nan Rothschild, and Diana Wall was formed in 1998. They and Associate Directors Meredith Linn and Herbert Seignoret have been working with an Advisory Committee of scholars and community members to assess and better understand what traces of the settlement remain. As part of this effort, archaeological excavations were conducted at the site in 2011 by the Seneca Village Project. The fieldwork was directed by Nan Rothschild and Diana Wall with field supervisors Meredith Linn and Jenna Coplin and a team of undergraduate students. The goals of the 2011 project were two-fold: to test the results of a ground-penetrating radar survey and to sample the material culture of Seneca Village. The 8-week excavation period unearthed the stone foundation of the Charlotte and William Godfrey Wilson house, the original ground surface that Seneca Villagers walked upon, and a house-yard shared by the Webster and Philips families who were neighbors. The archaeological collection is now housed at the NYC Archaeological Repository. The final archaeological report that discusses that fieldwork may be found here.

  • Institute for the Exploration of Seneca Village History


  • Dr. Nan Rothschild

  • Dr. Diana Wall

  • Dr. Cynthia Copeland

  • Dr. Meredith Linn

  • Mr. Herbert Seignoret

  • Ms. Jenna Coplin