Slip-Trailed Redware Pan

(1670 - 1795)

Approximately half of a lead-glazed redware shallow pan with wide sloping sides and a rolled rim. The interior is decorated with a colorless lead glaze and multiple straight lines of trailed slip, appearing yellow due to the yellowed color of the colorless glaze over the white slip. There is an additional wavy line with trailed slip in green. Some sections of glaze and slip have flaked off and the center of the base has visible use-wear. The bottom of the base has evidence of use and is charred. This vessel was likely made in Philadelphia and consists of four mended/glued sherds and one sherd that does not mend but is from the same vessel. 

City Hall Park

Manhattan, City Hall Park, South of Chambers Street and East of Broadway between City Hall and Tweed Court House

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