Powdered and Painted Tin-Glazed Bowl Body/Rim Sherd

(1738 - 1764)

Seventeen rim and body sherds from a buff bodied tin-glazed earthenware bowl (likely a punch bowl) with a thick white glaze on both surfaces. The exterior is powdered with manganese (purple) speckles beneath a blue and dark blue painted decoration. The blue decoration on the exterior is part of a large fish motif with two distinct fish represented. Consists of mended sherds and individual sherds grouped as follows: five mended sherds and two mended sherds that could all be mended together but have not been; four mended sherds and one sherd that mends but has not been mended; two mended sherds; another two mended sherds; and one single sherd. 

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Manhattan, 7 Hanover Square

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