Glass Wine-Style Bottle

Nineteen green glass base, body, neck and finish fragments from a bottle that might have originally contained wine or oil. The intact neck features an unevenly applied, flattened string rim just below the cracked-off lip. The cylindrical neck ends in sloped down shoulders. The base retains a small section of a rounded heel with a suggestion of a kick. The exact nature of the manufacture is not clear, but it might have been dip-molded or possibly free blown, as there are no visible mold seams running the length of the body. The golden flecks on the surface of the bottle are not original; they are produced by the decomposition of the glass. The shape of the bottle is similar to small Bourdeau-shaped bottles that were used for wine and oil in the 19th century.

7 Hanover Square

Manhattan, 7 Hanover Square

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