Painted North American Salt-Glazed Stoneware Storage Container

(ca. 1825 - Early 20th century)

These three hefty sherds mend to form a portion of the body and rim of a North American Salt-glaze stoneware storage vessel with an Albany-type slipped interior. The cylindrical shape would have included a broad opening with a low-profile flat rim. One sherd contains the broken base of a handle, which would have assisted in lifting the heavy stoneware vessel. The angle of the attachment suggests the handle was one of two horizontal loop-type handles. The handle attachment is outlined with painted cobalt, a technique often used by New York City stoneware makers. This decorative element on this vessel is darkened, almost black, and the paste of the broken sherds are also darkened, suggesting the vessel was exposed to burning sometime after it was broken.

7 Hanover Square

Manhattan, 7 Hanover Square

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