Powdered and Painted Tin-Glazed Bowl

(1740 - 1764)

Approximately a quarter of a buff-bodied tin-glazed earthenware bowl, consisting of base and body sherds, with a thick white glaze on both surfaces. The interior has a large cobalt (blue) underglaze painted fish in the center. The exterior is powdered with manganese (purple) speckled and painted cobalt blue, possibly floral, decoration. Most of the glaze has worn off of the wedge footring. The bowl consists of four sherds that mended but are not mended, and one sherd that does not mend but is most likely from the same vessel. This vessel is cross-mended between contexts. The vessel may have been used as a punch bowl, in addition to serving or containing food. 

7 Hanover Square

Manhattan, 7 Hanover Square

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