Fluted and Underglaze Painted Pearlware Saucer

(ca. 1795 - ca. 1815)

One mended pearlware saucer consisting of rim, body, base, and footring sherds with a polychrome design. The interior surface is lightly fluted and decorated with two parallel brown underglaze painted lines below the interior, slightly scalloped rim. The bottom line is unshaded. The border created by the two parallel lines is filled with half circles in blue and orange and a wavy brown vine. There is a brown painter's mark on the exterior surface of the base. This is an example of pearlware design #6. Additional base, body, and rim fragments featuring this design are present. The the rim diameter is approximately 12 cm. and the height is 3 cm.

7 Hanover Square

Manhattan, 7 Hanover Square

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