Lot 11, Test Cut H: Wood Stain at Bottom of Landfill (624.179)

This context consists of artifacts found in Stratum 10 of Test Cut H, located in Lot 11. This stratum, thought to be a wood stain, is likely the remains of a large wooden board that may have been deposited on the river bottom prior to the landfilling to prevent the overlying fill material from sinking into the river bottom. Another theory is that the wooden board was used to facilitate access at low tide for carts bearing the landfill material. Similar decayed wooden boards have been noted in other test cuts on the site. For more information about the excavations in Lot 11, please see pages 119-124 on the site report.

  • Collection method

    This level was excavated using trowels. All soil was wet-screened through 1/4 inch mesh.

  • Soil description

    Brown wood stain

  • Munsell

    Not recorded

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