Printed Whiteware Plate Rim

(1843 - 1869)

A blue transfer printed whiteware rim sherd from a flatware vessel. The vessel features the "Florentine" pattern likely manufactured by John & Jos Mayer Thomas of Burslem, Staffordshire between 1842 and 1855, or by one of their successors Mayer Brothers & Elliot (active 1855–1858), Mayer & Elliot (active 1858–1861), and Liddle, Elliot & Son (active 1862–1869). This series depicts a motif that became popular among English manufacturers with at least fourteen different firms making some version of a "Florentine" pattern. The gently scalloped rim of this vessel uses a floral and botanical design with picture medallions, showing a turreted castle in a lakeside landscape.

Stadt Huys Block


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