Sprig Molded & Incised Rhenish Blue on Gray (Westerwald) Stoneware Jug

(1600 - 1775)

Seventeen base and body sherds from a Westerwald or "Rhenish Blue on Gray" salt-glazed stoneware jug or bottle. The exterior is decorated with a cobalt blue painted line around the cordoned base. The body has painted purple decoration with sprigged flowers and leaves and incised stems. The vessel mends in two sections and consists of nine sherds that mend but are not mended, three sherds that mend but are not mended, and five sherds that do not mend but are possibly from the same vessel. This vessel is cross-mended between the lot 14 midden and the transitional level above the midden.

7 Hanover Square

Manhattan, 7 Hanover Square

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