Overglaze Enamel Painted and Fluted Chinese Porcelain Teacup

One mended, lightly fluted Chinese porcelain handleless teacup comprised of two rim, body, and base sherds with a footring. There is a European-style red enamel decoration painted over the glaze featuring a single star-like design or possible Chinese character in the center of the interior bowl and a red, parallel lined border with heart shapes along the interior, scalloped rim. Additional rim fragments reveal enameled floral designs and dots within this border. The exterior surface has traces of a decoration featuring pink roses surrounded by gilded leaves outlined in dark green. There is wavy red punctuated line below the exterior rim. Additional base, body, and rim fragments featuring this design are present. The base diameter is approximately 4.5 cm.

7 Hanover Square

Manhattan, 7 Hanover Square

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