Section A, Test Trench 1 (TT1) South End (Abandoned and Broken Catch Basin) (WSPPF1.101)

Test Trench 1 was located in the vicinity of a former Thomas Ludlow domestic structure. A trench was planned to assess the impact of a proposed tree ball excavation and planned utility line nearby the former dwelling. The trench was a double-L-shape with a deep grade in its southern end to address the 6-foot deep utility excavation. The trench dug was ultimately 35.7 feet long and six to 10 or 12 feet deep. It was 12 feet wide at the south end, where excavation revealed an old, abandoned catch basin and an associated terracotta pipe, to 9.2 feet wide at the north end.

Four soil strata were identified but the sandy soil in this area made it difficult to determine if natural soil had been reached. With the exception of several cigarette filters found in association with the brick catch basin, no artifacts were noted nor were any historical features.

  • Collection method

    Grab samples were collected of cultural material.

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