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Snug Harbor Cultural Center, Staten Island, NY (1987)

A sheet midden deposited between 1845 and 1900 was uncovered in a natural depression to the west of the Matron's Cottage on the former grounds of Sailors' Snug Harbor, one of the first retirement homes in the United States that served aged and sick seaman from 1833-1976. Thousands of artifacts uncovered at the site combined with historic data create a detailed picture of life at Sailors' Snug Harbor throughout the 19th century. This collection is curated by the NYC Repository and is accessible through this website. Click here to see: The Archaeological Investigation at the Matron's Cottage

  • New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission


  • Ms. Judith Baragli

  • Dr. Sherene Baugher

  • Ms. Jo Cotz

  • Ms. Louise De Cesare

  • Ms. Sandra Famolare

  • Mr. Edward Lenik

  • Dr. Frederick Winter