Upper Barracks Refuse Pit: Feature 84, Bag 1203 (F84.B1203)

(Mid-18th Century)

This context (Feature 84, Bag 1203) consists of artifacts found within a series of overlapping refuse pits along the east side of "Island #8", north of the upper barracks in the northeastern corner of City Hall Park. The feature was in close proximity to Feature 89, a curved stone foundation wall of the Rotunda, but was separated by a deposit of sandy soil. The top of the feature appeared during monitoring approximately 15 inches below the current asphalt pathway surface. The deposit measured approximately 9 feet in length north to south and 4 feet in width east to west. As the deposit was excavated, archaeologists noted that Feature 84 represented several intersecting pits. Each pit received a discrete provenience designation and was excavated separately. The base of excavation for these pits was four feet below the ground surface.

  • Collection method

    This context was excavated by shovel skimming after monitoring with a backhoe was halted.

City Hall Park

Manhattan, City Hall Park, South of Chambers Street and East of Broadway between City Hall and Tweed Court House

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