New Gaol and First Almshouse Midden: Feature 55, Bag 984 (F55.B984)

(18th Century)

This context (Feature 55, Bag 984) consists of artifacts found within a trash midden located halfway between the New Gaol (the first structure built as a jail) and the First Almshouse, now the site of present-day City Hall Park. The First Almshouse opened in 1735 and the New Gaol in 1759. The deposit, consisting of a total of 7,920 artifacts (excluding bone), is thought to have been a mixed trash midden for both of these buildings. 

For more information about this deposit, please see pages 473 to 525 of the City Hall Park (2008) site report.

  • Collection method

    Collection and "triage recovery" during monitoring

City Hall Park

Manhattan, City Hall Park, South of Chambers Street and East of Broadway between City Hall and Tweed Court House

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