Collections / Map / Site: City Hall Park

City Hall Park, New York, NY (1989)

Thousands of artifacts were excavated from what was once the kitchen of New York City's first municipal Almshouse. This collection represents one of the few almshouse grounds to have been excavated by archaeologists in the United States. The site provides significant insight into the architectural history of the building and what life was like for almshouse residents. The collection is within the NYC Archaeological Repository. Click here to see: The Archaeological Collections of the City Hall Park Site, Manhattan.

  • New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission


  • Dr. Thomas Amorosi

  • Dr. Sherene Baugher

  • Ms. Diane Dallal

  • Ms. Judith Guston

  • Mr. Edward Lenik

  • Mr. Donald Plotts

  • Dr. Robert Venables