This deposit is located between floors #2 and #3 in Lot 28. Excavation began at the level of the wooden basement floor of the most recent building to stand on the lot and revealed the remains of two additional wooden floors. Floor #2 was 7-10 inches below the latest floor (#1) and floor #3 was 4-10 inches below floor #2. Each of the three floors was supported on round logs four to six inches in diameter, running in an east-west direction. The logs beneath floors #1 and #2 were supported on fill between the floors, consisting under floor #1 mostly of cinders. The fill between floors #2 and #3 was silty sand containing a considerable amount of brick and mortar. This suggests that some major reconstruction of the building occurred. The 25 ceramic sherds excavated from the material between the two floors yielded a mean ceramic date of 1841.7.    

This context (Catalog #210: Lot 28, Test Cut J, Stratum 3, Level a) is one of multiple deposits located between floors #2 and #3 in Lot 28. Please see page 329 of the 7 Hanover site report for additional information.

  • Collection method

    This context was excavated using trowels and shovels. All of the soil was dry screened using 1/4 inch mesh.

  • Soil description

    Brown and gray sandy silt

  • Munsell

    Not recorded

7 Hanover Square

Manhattan, 7 Hanover Square

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