Lot 27*, Test Cut AT: Landfill, Reddish Brown Sand (624.1195)

(Late 17th Century)

This context (Cat. #1195: Lot 27*, Test Cut AT, Stratum 7, Level b) consists of artifacts from one of the late 17th Century landfill deposits located in Lot 27*, adjacent to the Lot 26 boundary wall. The landfill deposits, consisting of reddish-brown sand, began beneath the blue/gray clay stratum and were excavated only in the easternmost one and a half feet of Test Cut AT. The water table was reached at a depth of 54 inches below the TC AT datum, and excavation was terminated at a depth of 58 inches. The landfill deposits and the stone wall continued below this depth.

The small sample of landfill recovered from this test cut contained low densities of artifacts, faunal and building material. The ceramics present in this deposit were consistent with the ceramic types typically recovered from the other landfill deposits on the site. For more information about the deposits associated with Lot 27*, please read pages 22 to 112 of the 7 Hanover Square site report.

  • Collection method

    This context was excavated using shovels and trowels. 90% of the soil was dry-screened using 1/4 inch mesh.

  • Soil

    Brown, gray & yellow sand

7 Hanover Square

Manhattan, 7 Hanover Square

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