Lot 13 South, Deposit Inside Wooden Box (624.844)

(Early-to-Mid 18th Century)

In Lot 13 of the 7 Hanover Square block project, a wood-lined rectangular box feature was uncovered initially while excavating Test Cut D. The feature was further exposed in Test Cut W, and measured to a length of 65 inches east to west by a width of 43 inches north to south. With the combined evidence from both Test Cuts D and W, it is believed that this feature was likely installed and used during the early-to-mid 18th century. The original function of the feature, however, remains to be determined. The wood-lined box was located at the southwest corner of the early (late 17th century) house extension, and this location may have served to provide easy access from the extension. If the box had functioned as a privy, it would have been a convenient but unusual location, as most privies were constructed as far from the house as possible.

The deposits inside the wooden feature were excavated as Stratum IX, levels d-g in Test Cut D and Stratum XVIII, level a in Test Cut W. This context (Catalog# 844, Lot 13, Test Cut W, Stratum 18, Level a) consists of one of the deposits found inside this wood-lined box feature. This deposit was characterized by a high density of red brick and mortar and a low density of other types of cultural material.

  • Collection method

    This level was excavated using shovels and trowels. Half (50%) of the soil was dry screened using 1/4" mesh.

  • Soil description

    Yellow sand with brick, mortar and rubble fill

  • Munsell

    Not recorded

7 Hanover Square

Manhattan, 7 Hanover Square

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