Lot 12, Test Cut F, Landfill: Gray and Tan Sand with Shell Below Rocks (624.174)

(17th Century)

This context (Catalog #174: Lot 12, Test Cut F, Stratum 19, Level a) consists of artifacts found in a gray and tan sand below one course of deposited stones. This context is one of many landfill deposits excavated from Test Cut F in the rear portion of Lot 12. Test Cut F was placed on the site according to the sampling plan for testing the landfill deposits. 

The landfill deposits began at approximately 27 to 28 inches below the ground surface of Test Cut F and represent 17th-century landfill. These deposits consist of numerous strata and lenses of various soil types. A number of large rocks were encountered in the east part of the square between 68 and 73 inches below the ground surface. These rocks were included in a stratum of gray and tan sand with shell which was excavated as stratum 18. The same soil type excavated as stratum 18 continued below the rocks and the underlying wood stain to a depth of 72 to 80 inches, with a lens of gray silty sand occurring in the northwest corner between 72 to 78 inches. This material was excavated as strata 19 and 20 and is represented in this context record. These were the final landfill strata in Test Cut F and beneath these began the river bottom deposits.

For more information about the deposits associated with Lot 12, please read pages 155 to 191 of the 7 Hanover Square site report.

  • Collection method

    Excavated this context using shovels and trowels. All soil was dry-screened using 1/4 inch mesh.

  • Soil description

    Black-gray sand and cinders, crushed shells and coral

  • Munsell

    Not recorded

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