Lot 10* Front Portion, Possible River Bottom Deposit: Brown-Orange, Gray and Tan Coarse and Fine Sands (624.302)

(Late 17th Century)

This context (Cat# 302: Lot 10*, Test Cut K, Stratum 14, Level a) consists of artifacts from one of two possible “river bottom” deposits located in the front portion of Lot 10*. Test Cut K was excavated below the base of the south wall of the Robert Livingston house, which was approximately 42 inches in height (not including the sandstone cap). A band of medium brown silty sand was noted near the base of the wall which was thought to possibly be a 17th Century landfill deposit. Below this deposit, gray and tan fine and coarse sands began at about the same depth as the base of the wall. The fine and coarse sand deposit below is thought to possibly be a river bottom deposit, or less likely, an additional landfill deposit. A "river bottom" deposit would essentially represent the soil matrix present at the base of the river prior to landfilling, with the cultural material present being from objects lost off the sides of boats or in similar fashion. Additional research is needed.

  • Collection method

    This context was excavated using trowels. All of the soil was dry screened using 1/4 inch mesh.

  • Soil

    Gray and orange-tan fine sand

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