Lot 10* Front Portion, Landfill Deposit GS2: Greenish Gray Sandy Silt (624.286)

(Late 17th Century)

This context consists of artifacts from the "GS2" landfill deposit, a 17th-century greenish-gray sandy silt landfill stratum located in the front portion of Lot 10*. This deposit was encountered below stratum GBS in Test Cuts K and AA and immediately beneath stratum BS in Test Cuts AB and AC. It is possible that the deposition of strata BS and GBS took place subsequent to the deposition of stratum GS2, with GS1 being deposited still later. The similarity between GS1 and GS2 could be accounted for by the fact that GS1 may consist of the same material as GS2, redeposited from another location on the lot or derived from the same source as the earlier fill.

The data suggest that GS2 was deposited as the initial landfill at the time the south foundation of the Livingston house was constructed. This context (Catalog #286: Lot 10*, Test Cut K, Stratum 11, Level d) is one of multiple GS2 landfill deposits excavated in the front portion of Lot*. A more detailed description of the landfill deposits in Lot 10* can be found on pages 129-139 of the 7 Hanover Square site report.

  • Collection method

    This context was excavated using trowels and shovels. All of the soil was dry-screened using 1/4 inch mesh.

7 Hanover Square

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