Lot 10* Front Portion, Brick Floors and Sand Below Floor (624.626)

(Mid-to-late 19th Century, post-1845)

This context (Catalog# 626, Lot 10*, Test Cut AA, Strat 1, Level a) consists of artifacts excavated from the brick floors and the sand below the floor on the most recent building in the front portion of Lot 10*. Prior to the excavation of the test cuts in Lot 10*, the brick floor was removed from the vicinity of these test cuts either manually or by power equipment. The brick floor was underlain by a three to four-inch sand bedding. In two of the test cuts, P and AB, the brick floor was removed manually and the underlying undisturbed sand was screened. An 1845 penny was recovered from beneath the floor in TC AA. This firmly places the construction of the floor after this date.

  • Collection method

    Excavated this context using shovels and trowels. All of the soil was dry screened using 1/4 inch mesh.

  • Soil description

    Brown sand with crushed brick; mottled with yellow sandy silt in southern part

7 Hanover Square

Manhattan, 7 Hanover Square

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