Walter Raleigh Smoking Pipe Stem

(ca. 1630 - ca. 1640)

One partial Walter Raleigh smoking pipe stem made of white ball clay. The stem is decorated on both sides depicting the eyes, scales, and open mouth of a sharp toothed sea monster, whale, or crocodile. The creature's forked tongue is visible on one side, which was crudely used to represent the spouting of a whale in the 17th century. The bowl is missing. A complete Walter Raleigh pipe includes a bowl in the shape of a 17th century gentleman thought to represent Sir Walter Raleigh. These pipes are Dutch in origin and were popular in port towns in the Netherlands circa 1630-1640. The stem of this pipe is 4.3 cm long and the bore hole diameter is 6/64 inches.

Stadt Huys Block


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