This context represents one of the sections of Test Trench 15, specifically the southeast side. Test Trench 15 (TT15) was added when Test Trench 14, the original location of the proposed fountain water holding tank, was terminated after uncovering a burial almost 12 feet below the ground surface. The redesign called for finding a viable location for two shallower holding tanks.

Two parallel and defined patches of squared-off yellow sand at 5.9 and 6.0 feet below ground surface in the southwest corner of the trench suggested burials were present, but no bone material was uncovered in association with these shafts. Between 5.5 and 6.0 feet below ground surface, a plasticized drink wrapper (see object 203.6) was recovered in association with a buried remnant of a stone wall, among other artifacts. The buried wall, located at 5.6 feet below ground surface, ran diagonally across the northern part of the trench and based on the date of the drink wrapper (post-1969), was associated with the 1970 park renovation. The disturbance determined that Test Trench 15 was a suitable location for the redesigned water tanks.

Image: Test Trench 15 East Extension looking NE toward Plaza. (J. Geismar 02-20-08)

  • Collection method

    Grab samples were collected of cultural material.

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