The most concentrated deposit of 19th Century school-related material was found in Feature 6, the brick-lined vault. The feature was clearly a privy and was likely cleaned frequently (with the nightsoil removed) since no obvious fecal material was recovered during testing. It was likely in use from the 1870s to circa 1900 when the water closet was built in the western side yard. Artifacts from Level 10, which was the densest use-layer, date to that time period. The location, construction, and size (probably a two-2-seater) would suggest that it was built for use at the time the 1878 school was built.

  • Collection method

    Machine and hand excavated

  • Soil description

    Very dark grayish brown and dark brown silty sand

  • Munsell

    10YR 3/2 & 10YR 3/3

Flatbush African Burial Ground Site

Brooklyn, Bedford Avenue and Church Street, Flatbush Brooklyn

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