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Chambers Street Between Broadway and Centre Street, New York, NY (2000)

Excavation completed in 2000. Project area was within Chambers Street between Broadway and Centre Street. The project areas was heavily disturbed however, human remains, were discovered most likely from the burial grounds that were once within what is now City Hall Park. The human remains were reinterred in the northeast corner of City Hall Park and the other materials are within the NYC Archaeological Repository. Please see: Bioarchaeological Monitoring of Water Main Repairs and Identification of Associated Human Skeletal Remains, Chambers Street Between Broadway and Centre Street, Lower Manhattan, New York City

  • Kise Straw & Kolodner, Inc.


  • Public Archaeology Laboratory


  • Dr. Thomas Crist

  • Dr. James Garman

  • Mr. Gary McGowan

  • Mr. Douglas Mooney